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    To avoid penalties of any kind, be sure to pay the rent on or before the 5th of every month. Keep in mind, our accounts close by 5pm, so if your rent is not in by then, it’ll be considered late. A small late fee, equal to Rs. 200 per day is applied from the 6th day of the month till the day you clear your due rent.

    However, if your rent is overdue even after the 22nd of the month, we might have to let you go as nonpayment of rent impacts the service we provide to you and to your Homeslice friends.

    Moving into Homeslice is not just easy but also light on the pocket. All we take is 2 month's security deposit + 1 month advance rent. This amount must be paid in advance before you move in. However, if you are short on cash, you can consider paying deposit amount in two month EMIs.

    How much do you need to pay to book your Homeslice stay? A measly Rs.10k for twin and solo rooms, that’s all. This token amount is, unfortunately, non-refundable.

    It shall take up to 45 to 60 days working days to process the refund. A deposit refund statement would be sent to the member with a breakdown of deductions, if any.

    Paying your rent is easy-peasy at Homeslice. You can choose to pay online through the Homeslice App via Paytm, UPI, Net Banking or Debit/Credit Cards. To help you pay your rent with a tap of the phone, we’ll send out an app notification every time a new invoice is generated.

  6. CANCELLATION BEFORE MOVE-IN - We put in a lot of time and effort in preparing your room and very much look forward to welcoming you. We’ll be heartbroken if you decide not to move-in, but your rent and security deposit will be refunded. Token money amount, however, is non-refundable.


  8. Token money is the amount paid by you to Homeslice to show your commitment to moving into Homeslice. Homeslice accepts a minimum token amount of Rs. 10,000. Token amount is nonrefundable.

  9. MOVE-OUT POLICY - EXIT NOTICE - We really, really wish you don’t have to leave. But in case the circumstances are unavoidable, and you have to go, the process is again, simple. To checkout, just raise a ticket on the Homeslice App, giving us 1-month notice. This is absolutely mandatory and nonnegotiable, under any circumstances. In case you need to vacate earlier than the scheduled move-out date, please feel free to do so. However, in case the rent is not paid for the remaining days, the balance amount will be adjusted from the security deposit. At Homeslice, we have a minimum lock-in period of 3 months. If you decide to leave early, 1 month’s security deposit shall be forfeited. Extension of stay after your move-out date is totally on the discretion of Homeslice.

  10. REFUND TIMELINE It shall take up to 45-60 working days to process the refund. A deposit refund statement would be sent to the member with a breakdown of deductions, if any.

  11. REFUND MODE All refunds shall be processed through online transfer.


  • Noise - Keep the noise level within the tolerance of others in the Premises and reduce if requested to do so. No noise shall be caused between 10PM and 6AM which would affect the sleeping by any third parties in the Premises/building or nearby building.

  • Avoid the Following

  1. Abusive or foul language.

  2. Fight/quarrel with the other occupants of the building/instigating the other occupants to fight.

  3. Smoking & use of alcohol in common areas.

  4. Drugs, Explosives & weapons in the whole Premises.

  5. Conducting/carrying out any kind of business.

  6. Alterations to the Premises, any electrical or furnishings of the Premises without any prior permission from the Sub Lessor.

  7. Taking pictures and videos of the Premises/Building and sharing the same to third parties.

  8. Taking pictures and videos of the Occupants without their consent.

  9. Cleanliness - Kindly keep the Premises clean and tidy and ensure your belongings are kept within your designated area. Keep the common area clean after you for others to enjoy the common facilities of the Premises.

  10. If the Members who are of opposite genders and not married stay in the Premises the same shall be at their own risk and shall indemnify Homeslice. for all the claim/s and consequences including but not limited to any action taken by any third party including Governmental agencies. In this regard, it is specifically agreed by the member that in the event any action is taken by the local authorities/police against the Sub Lessee or the co-occupants, the member shall be solely liable for the same to the total exclusion of Homeslice..

  11. Housekeeping - Housekeeping would be provided to the members by Homeslice. .The Housekeeping services will be provided on Monday to Saturday (a week) except on public holidays. The scope of Housekeeping is as per the policies set out in the subscription agreement.

  12. All gatherings, parties or discussions shall be held in the common area with prior permission from the property manager.

  13. Guest Policy - The number of guests allowed to stay in the Premises is limited to 2 persons per day. Such admission of the guest/s shall be subject to permission from other members of the same Premises in which the member is staying. Further, the admission of guest/s by Homeslice. is subject to availability of the rooms. The Guest Fee of Rs.500 ( Rupees Five Hundred Only) will be applicable from the 8th(eight) day irrespective of whether such guest accommodation is continuous or at intervals in a month and this shall be applicable for a single occupant who is sharing the room/taking portion of the room, detailed policies are set out in the subscription agreement.

  14. Pet Policy - If the Sub Lessee occupies the whole Premises ,the Sub Lessee shall be entitled to keep pets in the Premises (not applicable if the Premises is shared with other occupants). The Sub Lessee shall keep the pets in the Premises under the condition that the pets shall not be allowed in the common areas of the Building or other premises of the Building and no littering on the common areas of the Building, hallways, corridors or any other premises in the Building. In the event of breach of any of the condition of Pet Policy, the Sub Lessee shall pay an amount of Rs.1,000/- as penalty per breach and if the Sub Lessee continues to breach the Pet Policy for more than two (2) times, Sub Lessor shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement by giving 7 (seven) days prior written notice and/or via email.

  15. Governing Law, Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution

  16. The subscription agreement shall be governed by and enforced as per the Laws in India and for the purpose of enforcement; the place of jurisdiction will be the city in which the Premises are located. All disputes shall be submitted for arbitration by a sole arbitrator under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with the agreement, the Parties shall, at first instance, attempt to amicably resolve the same through Settlement discussions (recorded by way of email or telephonic conversations). If Parties are unable to resolve their disputes within thirty (30)days of written intimation, the disputes will be referred to arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and its amendments from time to time. The arbitration will be conducted by a sole arbitrator appointed by mutual consent within 7 (seven) days of the receipt of the notice to arbitrate. If Parties are unable to mutually agree, Homeslice. shall have the right to appoint a sole arbitrator within three (3)days. The process of arbitration shall be decided by the arbitrator in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act. The cost of arbitration (including all legal costs) will be borne by the losing Party. Till the continuation of the proceedings and passing of the award, all the Parties will bear their own share of cost and can recover the same, once the award is passed, from the losing Party.

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